House and Land Package Information

A house and land package, as the name suggests, is a complete package. You’re buying a block of land, as well as the house that will be built on it. The hassle of finding land, and then having to shop around for what design will fit on it, is no longer a problem you have to deal with.

It’s impossible to look at a block of land with the naked eye and know what house design can go on it. The levels of the land, along with details like easements and even local council and individual estate guidelines, can prevent you building the home you want. Imagine having to gather this information for every block you inspect. Now imagine someone else having already done all the work for you.

That’s what we do at Park Hill Property. We’ve taken everything we know about the land and created designs that will suit the block and comply with regulations. So all you have to do is choose which home you love best.

By choosing a house and land package with Park Hill Property, you avoid all the overwhelm of having to find land and match it with a design. There are no hidden site costs, and no additional variation fees.

At Park Hill Property, we utilise our vast experience to create house and land packages that provide the best possible home design solutions for each block of land. From clever designs to functional living areas and outdoor spaces, you can trust that our team has created a package that will be perfect for your family. When we hand you the keys, all that’s left to do is move in.

Vacant Land – Stamp Duty exemptions and concessions for the purpose of building a home:

  • Valued up to $400k = Full stamp duty exemption
  • Valued between $400k and $500k = Stamp duty Concessions Apply

For more information and to check if you are eligible please click here –

The Home Builder Scheme provides eligible owners a $25k grant towards their new home. This scheme is available to more than just first home buyers (if you meet the criteria) and it is another helping hand that can be included to getting you into your first home sooner.

For more information and to check if you are eligible please click here –

Park Hill Property offers a great range of design choices so you can buy a house and land package that will be a great investment and provide a great return for you.

So why buy a house and land package from Park Hill Property  rather than an already built home?

  • Older homes may need renovations or significant maintenance and upkeep. A new home is ready to move in to without extra worry.
  • Government concessions are available for some new residential properties subject to eligibility
  • A fixed price and transparency means no hidden costs
  • Higher quality, modern inclusions
  • Quality assurance – after 3 months we will conduct a comprehensive Warranty Inspection
  • Rental Income – a newer home will attract tenants who are willing to pay more
  • Easier to rent – being part of master planned estates, our homes are sought after and it will be easier to find tenants that suit your home

For further information about our House and Land Packages, please get in touch.

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