Park Hill Property

Our Story

Park Hill Property is an Australian owned and family focused builder of residential communities. Having built a reputation for uncompromising quality, we are committed to making the process of finding and building a home as easy as possible.

We understand how important vibrant local communities are for families, so that is our focus in each estate we develop. Our goal is for you to enjoy the process of finding a home and for you to thrive in your community. Through careful and considered planning, our modern designs utilise the land in the best way to bring you enhanced living spaces.

We ensure these homes then sit in a community that can serve your needs. Therefore our estate locations are carefully selected so they are close to local schools, shops, transport and other lifestyle amenities.

We are so committed to creating vibrant communities that we remain active in beyond your project completion. Through local events and social connections, we continue to help bring residents together.

At Park Hill Property we pride ourselves on the communities we create, turning open green areas into livable residential communities. We want you to love your home and love where you live.

Our Experience

With over 11 years experience in the property industry we understand both construction as well as land development, with our specialty focusing on developing residential communities that thrive.

It’s important to choose the right builder for your home – a builder who has experience and the financial backing to ensure your project is delivered exceptionally well from deposit to warranty, all within the required timeframe.

It is equally important to have a management team with knowledge and expertise so they can ensure your building process is streamlined, managed efficiently and able to deliver a building experience that will exceed your expectations.

With Park Hill Property, you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Our Commitments

  • Individualised customer service experience
  • Genuine and transparent guidance
  • Modern home designs with quality inclusions
  • Streamlined stress-free process
  • Build time frame guarantee
  • Prices to meet the market so you get the best value
  • Streetscape design and masterplan delivery to ensure a well-built community


At Park Hill Property, our aim is to create unique communities for families of all sizes, and make the process as special and rewarding as possible

To earn our customers
trust and deliver a service
that is dedicated, efficient
and professional.

To provide a workplace
environment for our team
that is inclusive, supportive and

To participate in business
with our suppliers and
partners that is fair, respectful
and progressive.

To deliver homes that are
considerate of the environment
and responsive to advances in