Our story…

building homes, connecting communities

…an Australian owned and family focused community builder

Park Hill Property is an Australian owned and family focused builder of residential communities. Having built a reputation for uncompromising quality, we are committed to making the process of finding and building a home as easy as possible.

We understand how important vibrant local communities are for families, so that is our focus in each estate we develop. Our goal is for you to enjoy the process of finding a home and for you to thrive in your community. Through careful and considered planning, our modern designs utilise the land in the best way to bring you enhanced living spaces.

We ensure these homes then sit in a community that can serve your needs. Therefore our estate locations are carefully selected so they are close to local schools, shops, transport and other lifestyle amenities. We are so committed to creating vibrant communities that we remain active in beyond your project completion. Through local events and social connections, we continue to help bring residents together.

At Park Hill Property we pride ourselves on the communities we create, turning open green areas into livable residential communities. We want you to love your home and love where you live.