This narrow block house design is slender, clever, and spacious

Narrow lots are becoming the norm in Sydney’s suburbs. And while it can be challenging to find the right narrow lot house plans, they offer a lot of advantages. They’re more affordable, making it easier to get a foot on the property ladder and into your first home, and easy for busy families to maintain.

All Park Hill Property communities are in close proximity to parks, and walking areas, so you’re not limited to the space in your backyard. Estates with narrow lots also have a sense of community and security.

You know your neighbors, you can look out for each other, and your kids will always have someone to play with. Having an arrow block house doesn’t mean you need to compromise on having a functional design and the sense of spaciousness that all homeowners desire. Park Hill Property offers a range of single-story narrow home designs and double-story home designs for any narrow site. And they’ve been designed for the average-sized family to live comfortably.

The Freshwater 18 is the perfect example of a small lot house design your family will fall in love with

How to maximize your space

So, you have a narrow lot, which means your home’s width is restricted. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a tiny house. If you can’t go out, you can get more space by going up a level. The Freshwater 18 does exactly this. Its a contemporary double-story beauty that makes use of every available inch of space. You don’t have to sacrifice anything.

Let’s talk about design

The floorplan of the Freshwater 18 is Smart with a capital S. Our designers are pros when it comes to creating home designs for narrow lots that feel big and function well. And it really shows in this home.

It boasts four big bedrooms so there’s room for everyone. You won’t have to live with the stress of living on top of each other.

Everyone has a space they can use and decorate to suit their unique personality. And the master bedroom will delight you. With a huge walk-in robe and beautifully appointed unsuited bathroom, your master suite will be a haven at the end of a busy day

What about bathrooms?

You’re spoilt for choice in the Freshwater 18. With two bathrooms upstairs and a powder room downstairs, your home will effortlessly cater to your family’s needs and the needs of your guests. The main bathroom is expensive, with plenty of storage space for everyone’s toiletries, makeup, and hair styling tools, and products.

And it has luxury touches, like the elegant freestanding tub. Can’t you see yourself soaking in an island of bubbles or bath salts while your stresses melt away?

Not a fan of baths?

No problem.

You can jump into the shower with your favorite body wash and rinse away the day’s worries. And the inclusion of an unsuited means you’ll have your own space to get ready each morning. Sounds like bliss doesn’t it?

This can be your reality when you choose a Park Hill Property home.

Living in a narrow lot home

This versatile home has multiple living spaces. You can watch the latest movies in your media room. And because it is located away from all other rooms at the front of the house, you can turn the volume up as loud as you want to, and you won’t disturb anyone. Families can spend time together in the separate open-plan family room, which has plenty of space for that new couch you’ve been eyeing off.

And the generously proportioned alfresco acts as a third living space or entertaining area. Thealfresco will be the perfect spot for your housewarming party, where you can show off your stunningnew home to your friends and family.

Dinner time

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but the kitchen really is the heart of your home. And because of that, we’ve literally placed the kitchen in the middle of the house. The open-plan kitchen design of the Freshwater 18 will allow the cook in your house to socialize with everyone instead of being shut away in a separate room, missing out on the latest news and gossip. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention the vast kitchen island. It’s a must-have feature in every new home, providing acres of preparation space and somewhere for the kids to eat breakfast in the morning.

You can use the perfectly sized meals area at dinner time or for more formal occasions. The kitchen is adjacent to the laundry. This means all the functional spaces in your home are within easy reach of each other.

The first impression

So, we’ve talked about the interior of this house design, but the first impression everyone gets of your house happens well before they come inside.

Everyone has their own taste in home designs, so we offer a range of facades for this home. No matter which one you secure, you can be sure that your curb appeal will be on point.

The Brooklyn façade has touches of traditional grandeur with large statement columns, a grand balcony, and classic exterior paneling.

The Edges arcade is unapologetically modern with a mix of materials used on the exterior, the double-story feature pillar, and the statement, horizontally aligned downstairs windows. The Whitehaven façade has a hint of the Hamptons about it. It’s pretty, has the hallmark cladding and makes a soft but elegant statement.

What next?

So, you’re sold on the Freshwater 18. It’s the perfect home.

What do you need to do to get the ball rolling?

It’s pretty simple.

Give us a call or come and visit us at our Riverstone display home (you can take a look at our quality finishes while you’re there).

We’ll talk you through the process and show you how easy owning a new
home and land can be. Park Hill Property has a range of narrow lot home and land packages. Some have already been built, others are under construction, and there are more homes on the drawing board that you can personalize to a degree to suit your taste.
We can show you what’s on offer,
and you can choose your new dream home.

Why Park Hill Property?

We’re the narrow lot home design specialist. We build narrow and small lot of homes every day
and have a lot of narrow houses plans you can look at.

Our designs are purpose- built to suit narrow blocks, so you won’t have to try and alter and amend our plans to shoehorn a wider house onto your narrow parcel of land. You’ ll deal with one person through your whole new home journey, which means they’ll be experts in the finer details of your build.

And the very best bit?

There’s no need to juggle rent and mortgage payments. We want to make it easier for you to own your
own home.

That’s why when you purchase a home from our Complete Living Series packages you only have to put down a 5% deposit. We won’t ask you for another cent until the house is built.

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